Little Buddy Preschool - Concept

Little Buddy Preschool provides a happy, safe and inclusive environment where every child is encouraged and motivated to dream, explore and question. There is no rush to accomplish but a relaxed pace which is both rewarding and fun. We incorporate both contemporary methods and traditional values to give each child the best possible start in life. We build successful relationships with parents and teachers, to support each child’s learning and development. Our school recognises that all children are unique individuals, that they are all special in their own way and are the future. Our approach settles children and enhances their learning by offering them with a broad range of learning experiences in every session.

The Beginning

Little Buddy Preschool is the culmination of a dream of creating a preschool brand of International standard affordable to all. The vision took its shape under the able tutelage of eminent educators, thinkers, philosophers and scholars. The school strives to provide a safe and stimulating environment for learning to help grow minds and instil love for everyone. We offer a strong sense of community and provide a warm and nurturing environment. There is an excellent child adult ratio to ensure the children are getting the best possible care at this important stage of their learning journey.